Nicki Behmer

For Airport Authority

I am running to use my experience as a local business owner, policymaker and advocate, and community volunteer to grow Lincoln Airport to meet the needs of our growing and thriving city.

Taking Our Airport to New Heights

Attract Business

The revitalization of the airport is an important step in maximizing growth for our community. It will help attract new businesses, bring individuals and families to live in, and visitors to play in our city. If elected, I will support the project and see it to its completion.

Add Flights

To best serve travelers, it is important that we can offer more options for daily flights to and from our city. I will work with stakeholders to prioritize an increase in air service.

Enhance Revenue

The revenue generated from LNK Enterprise Park helps support Lincoln Airport’s bottom line. It is imperative to ensure that this revenue stream continues to be strong and consistent due to the sharp drop in revenue from the COVID19 pandemic. I will work with industries to promote the wide range of opportunities that the industrial park has to offer.

About Nicki Behmer

NICKI BEHMER is a proud local business owner. As a realtor, she believes her job is to be an ambassador for the community and to help make Lincoln a place that people want to live, work and play. She serves on the boards of Hope Spoke, Civic Nebraska and Friends of Lied. Nicki is a member of the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Realtor’s Association of Lincoln, serving on the public policy subcommittee.

Previously, Nicki spent 10 years in the Nebraska Legislature in roles that involved assisting in policy-making decisions and advocacy. During this time, she worked on various issues including incentives for redevelopment and preservation of historic properties to help create jobs and drive economic development in both rural and urban communities.

Nicki holds an M.A. from the University of Nebraska and a B.A from Hastings College. She and her husband Josh have two boys, Hayden and Ian. In her spare time, she loves traveling and spending time with her family, music, attending live performances, reading and playing golf.

Why I’m Running:

Lincoln Airport is an economic driver of our city with an impact of over one billion dollars annually, is credited with creating nearly 9,000 jobs, and attracts over 150,000 visitors yearly. Those are impressive statistics proving that LNK is vital to our community. I am running for the Airport Authority because I believe we have an opportunity to accomplish so much more. As a business owner and avid traveler, I feel our airport is underutilized and underpromoted. If elected, I am committed to being an advocate to encourage people to fly LNK first and I will cultivate partnerships in our community to do the same. I will work to understand the ins and outs of the operation, seek opportunities to enhance land use, employ effective communication with airlines, and connect with individuals and companies in the travel industry to promote grow our airport. I will use my experience as a local business owner, policymaker and advocate, and community volunteer to take our airport to new heights.

About Airport Authority

The Lincoln Airport Authority is charged with the operation and oversight of Lincoln Airport. It is governed by a five-member board of directors. The members are elected at-large to serve a six-year term.

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